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A Scriptish First - @run-at

By Erik Vold

This is actually a funny story. Way back when Google Chrome announced that it would support user scripts natively there was this lonely and sparse page of documentation provided which described a new feature, @run-at. From reading this documentation one was lead to believe that by adding a @run-at document-start metadata key/value pair to their user script it would be executed when a page begins loading, before the default point at which user scripts are loaded (ie: the DOM loaded event).

There was a bunch of talk about implementing this in Greasemonkey for a long time, and this became one of the features that I felt I must have for my Firefox experience, so it became one of many reasons why I decided to finally fork Greasemonkey and make Scriptish last year.

When I finally got around to implementing the feature I wanted to test things out and see if there were are discernible differences between Scriptish’s @run-at and Google Chrome’s. This is when I realized that Google Chrome’s @run-at wasn’t working as advertised if at all, so I created Google Chrome bug 61856 in which I learned it hadn’t actually been implemented at all.

So Scriptish was the first user script engine to implement @run-at.

Finally though Google Chrome has implemented the feature, and recently Greasemonkey started to support the feature as well, so things are looking up for the community!